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Vet Happiness Race



Join the race all the way to the 7th International Veterinary Social Work Summit!

What is “the race”?

The Vet Happiness Race (VHR) is a reflection of a central Veterinary Social Work theme:  promoting veterinary health, wellbeing and-wouldn’t you know it?–happiness! The pandemic has challenged us around the world, so we’re inviting you to acknowledge the challenges, what you’ve learned from them, and how you’re moving forward. We’re inviting everyone in the veterinary community to share their experiences to inspire one another. 

Do you work in a veterinary practice? Do you work in an animal shelter? What about a zoo? Or a non-profit that serves the animals of those who are vulnerable housed? Are you a veterinary or vet technology student? Are you part of an animal rescue organization? Are you connected to a One Health initiative? If you are at all connected to bettering animal health and welfare, you are welcome to join in!

These are the rewards, and some of you will be winners, but in truth, everyone will benefit from participating in the race, whether as participant or follower, because throughout it we will each learn from one another about how to manifest happiness, wellbeing, and a fulfilling social culture. We will learn about how teams are doing this all over the world, wherever they work, study, or volunteer. 

Veterinary social work cares about the health and wellbeing of those who work, study, and volunteer at the intersection of animals and people. The Vet Happiness Race is all about supporting people like you! 

Join the race – and make the veterinary world a better place to be.

You’ve gone above and beyond to keep animals, caregivers, and their communities healthy and happy. Now it’s time for your own health and happiness – and supporting one another’s. Why? Because we’re truly in this together. All around the world. That’s what the race is all about. 

The launch date for the Vet Happiness Race is May 1st, 2022!

The VHR will take place over 5 months, starting May 1st and ending September 28th. You can join the race at any time because there will be monthly winners. Get ready, get set, and join this one-of-a-kind event! 

Get ready! Get set!

Choose your team

Your team can consist of you and a colleague, a small group of work mates,  or all of your teammates together! You will be racing dozens of other teams from around the world.

Receive the invite

Each month, your team will receive an invite to pursue a special task to promote your team’s happiness, wellbeing, and social culture. 

Do it

Come up with – and make real – your interpretation of the task, taking a picture or a video of it. More than one of either is welcome!

Post it

Post the picture or video on Instagram with the hashtag #vethappinessrace2022 and #VHRmonth2022 in the caption. Share it so your friends and others in the animal care community will have the opportunity to see and “like” it. 

Be a cheerleader… and winner!

Around the world, everyone participating and following it will be the judges of the creativity, efforts, and engagement of the teams. The Instagram audience will select (via the number of “likes” ❤️ and comments) the “team of the month” which will be rewarded! Each team has a chance to win each month.

Be a spotlight winner!

The ultimate winner of the Vet Happiness Race will be chosen in October through a poll on the IAVSW website for you and anyone who wants to vote, so be sure to let your friends know to check our website that month and give you their precious vote! The winner will be announced at the summit!

Are you ready? Set? Go!!!

But wait… 

What about the rewards?

Each monthly winning team will receive a ticket (valued at $300USD) to attend the 7th International Veterinary Social Work Summit from Oct 14th-16th 2022. 

The Grand Prize Winner will receive $1000USD to spend with their team in ways they see fit, such as a luncheon, wellness activities, or clinic needs.  READ THE RULES

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